Swifty | About Us and The Change We're Bringing

This is our story.

What inspires us

There were so many reasons why we started Swifty. From waiting five days just to get a light fixed, hiring a photographer that did not commit as promised and spending such a long time comparing the BEST service providers in Google, to speak a few.

In the era of instant-everything, it’s crazy that you still have to waste a whole day researching, contacting and comparing local pros whenever you urgently need one (not including weekends and public holidays). So, we set out to make it easier. With Swifty, you're able to browse across multiple services, select your preferred pros and hire, all in a single platform.

But you want to know what really gets us out of bed in the morning? Not only we're helping busy parents, working adults, students and businesses hire easier, but we can help freelancers increase their income and take what they’re great at and turn it into something greater.

At Swifty, we’re building more than a product. We’re building local economies and stronger communities. Levelling the playing field so even the smallest of businesses has a fair shot at success. Swifty’s about skill, hustle and the victory of getting things done — not what you look like, who you love or what you believe in. Swifty is for everyone.

We are nerd rockstars

Here's why we would use Swifty ourselves too.

Emad Nurdin


I am sort of an introvert. Whenever I hire a service and it goes wrong, I would rather keep my head down than asking for a refund, cause I hate the hassle. With Swifty, I can just request for a refund through the app without needing to argue when something goes wrong.


Alfina Bashir


Being such a perfectionist, you could understand how long I'll usually take just to hire a pro. Researching, comparing and all that. With Swifty, I'm able to decide much faster cause well, everything I need to decide is shown on the pro's profile.