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Frequently Asked Questions (Customers)

Getting Started

Swifty is a service marketplace where you can hire any kind of services without the fear of being scammed, stuck with shoddy work, or being stood up last minute. We make the hiring process easier where you are free to select the best pro you would love to work with based on their portfolio, reviews, pricing and payment conditions.

Swifty is totally free for you to join and hire services. You do not need to pay any obligated monthly subscription or purchase credits just to hire a pro.

Yes! You have the flexibility to choose whoever you would like to deal with based on the seller's profile (review, portfolio, and price).

You may contact the pro via our in-app chat feature or through Whatsapp/Phone (Some Pros do not allow communication outside of Swifty due to their preferred privacy).

Yes! You can view more than 5,000 freelancers and businesses throughout Malaysia on Swifty.

Account & Profile

Signing up and creating an account on Swifty is absolutely free. Just download the "Swifty" app and sign up using your mobile phone, enter the OTP received and follow the instructions on the screen to complete your registration.

Click on the "Edit Profile" at your profile and tap the edit button on the top-right of the page and proceed to change your username and email. Do note at the moment, your phone number is not editable.

Please ensure that you have entered the correct phone number and OTP when logging into your account. If all credentials are valid and you are still unable to access your account, please contact us at hello@swifty.my or through Swifty website's live chat.

This typically occurs when your account has been flagged for violations of our Terms of Use. You can send in an appeal, and checks will be carried out to validate the appeal. Please contact us through live chat or email us at hello@swifty.my if you wish to send an appeal to reactivate your account.

Payments, Orders & Refunds

You may choose your preferred Pro by either searching manually based on the service category on alternatively, post a request and just wait for our Pros to submit their quotes if they're interested.

If you contact a Pro via Swifty's in-app chat, you may request for the Pro to send you a quote in-app for you to proceed with payments.

If you contact a Pro via Whatsapp/Phone call, you may request the Pro to send you a Payment link so you can make payments outside of the Swifty app
Avoid transferring to your Pro bank account directly to avoid unwanted scams / refusal in refund by the Pro. Always make payment via the Swifty app (in-app chat) or Swifty Payment Links to be protected by Swifty Guarantee.

You may go to the Orders tab, and under the ‘Ongoing’ tab, select cancel order if you wish to cancel the order. You may want to consider discussing with the pro if any modification is needed and modify the order directly instead of proceeding to cancel. Should you still wish to cancel, you may discuss with the Pro how much refund you prefer. A dispute will be created if both parties fail to decide the refund amount.

Your payment will only be released to the pro once you have marked your order as complete. So, please ensure your order received is as requested before proceeding to pay the balance due (if any) and marking your order as complete. If you are unsatisfied with the order, you may request a refund as stated in our Terms of Use.

Suppose you wish to report a seller or service in possible violation of our Terms of Use. In that case, you may contact us through live chat or email us at hello@swifty.my for urgent matters.

Your phone number will not be disclosed to Swifty's pro for safety and privacy reasons. You may personally share your contact details to the Pro if it helps you both to communicate easier.

Swifty currently accepts online banking (FPX), major credit/debit cards and also GrabPay. Every card saved for the first time will be set as the default card for payment. Each payment is processed using a secure global third party payment gateway, Stripe. Swifty believes in providing the best options for all customers, so we do not impose any payment processing fee.

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