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Terms and Conditions

Swifty Pro Subscriptions

Last updated on 10th August 2022

Swifty Pro subscription is a new model introduced by Swifty for every freelancer/businesses wanting to use Swifty Pro from 12th August 2022 onwards. Users using our another app, Swifty are not applicable for this terms and conditions mentioned below.

1. Every Swifty Pro is required to subscribe to any of the subscription plan that is most suitable to your requirements & eligibility. A student should select the "Student" plan while everyone else, the "Freelancer & Business" plan instead. You have the flexibility of deciding whether you prefer a monthly (automatically charged every month) or annually (automatically charge every year) before making payment.

2. You are qualified as a student if you have a valid student card which has not expired. Your plan will automatically be changed to the "Freelancer & Business" plan if you do not qualify as a student or your student card has expired while still having an active subscription.

3. If you are not a student, but instead a freelancer, retiree or have your own business, you should select the "Freelancer & Business" plan instead.

4. Only Malaysians or those residing in Malaysia which are above 16 years old are allowed to subscribe to a Swifty Pro subscription.

5. When you subscribe annually, you are entitled for a Money Back Guarantee which will allow you to request for a full refund if you did not get any orders after a few months, aren't satistified with our service or just simply do not want to be on Swifty Pro anymore. A request for refund will only be allowed after at least 6 months from the date you first subscribed. This is to allow you to have plenty of time to have potential orders from our customers and to avoid abuse on Swifty. You will not be eligible for a refund if your total earnings received on Swifty is more than 100% of your annual subscription price. For example, if you subscribe to an annual plan for RM 299.00, but your customers on Swifty have paid you more than RM 588.00, you will not be eligible for the refund. This Money Back Guarantee incentive is not applicable to those that subscribed to a monthly plan.

6. You can request for a refund by just contacting Swifty Support via live chat or Whatsapp and the refund process would usually take 5-7 business days to successfully transfer your payment back to your bank account.

7. When you subscribe to a Swifty Pro plan, you are to comply with Swifty's overall terms and conditions, community guidelines and terms of use. Swifty reserves the right to permanantly banned or suspend you if you fail to comply with the terms mentioned such as attempt to manipulate the platform, sexual miscounduct, abuse, threat of other Swifty users and alike. Once your account is banned for serious misconduct issues, Swifty reserves the right to refuse to refund any of your subscription payment.

8. When you select a subscription, you are required to enter your card details to make the initial subscription payment and auto billing. You can change your card anytime by going to your subscription details on the Swifty Pro app.

9. When you subscribe under the "Early Bird" subscription offer for "Freelancer & Business" plan, you will be entitled for a 50% discount on your subscription rate for the first 3 months or 1 year depending on the plan you selected. After that, your subscription rate will automatically adjust to the normal rate as shown on the lists of subscription price.

10. Swifty does not charge any transaction fee for any payments you received by customers until 30th June 2023. This offer may be shortened or extended at the sole discrition of Swifty.